Jahvid Best Wants to Get on the Field for the Detroit Lions ASAP

By Tina Musial

Jahvid Best is determined to play for the Detroit Lions as soon as possible. And he is probably getting anxious, considering he hasn’t played for almost a whole year. Best has been sidelined since the October 16, 2011 game versus the San Francisco 49ers after receiving a concussion. It was his second one of the season, and strict NFL rules regarding concussions benched him.

Best was hoping to play in the preseason, at least one game, but doctors did not clear him to play after his last exam. Therefore, he sits. His wait will be a mandatory six weeks, or six games in to the start of the season. While that may seem like a long time, it’s about time that the NFL and the players take concussions seriously. Sitting out may seem extreme for this long, but ask some former NFL players who have been suffering from some medical ailments because they did not take it as seriously a decade or two ago.

Once Best is cleared and off the physically unable to play (PUP) list, then the Lions get 21 days to decide what to do with him. He can be activated or he can be considered for another 21 day practice only session. Best is hoping he will be cleared and activated as soon as he is eligible the next time and appear in the October 22nd game. As he waits he is attending all of the practices and meetings, just not able to dress for them or participate physically.

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