New York Giants Bring in Free Agents For Off-Day Workouts

By jason evans

The New York Giants only carry two quarterbacks on their 53 man roster in Eli Manning and David Carr. Could they be adding a third to the roster?

The Giants were off today and brought in some veteran quarterbacks for a workout. Josh McCown, Brian Hoyer and Stephen McGee were all brought in for a look. They all are guys who could be interesting backups if anything happens, especially McGee who is a former Dallas Cowboy.

That wasn’t all the Giants brought in today. They brought in some defensive backs as well. Probably the most notable was David Caldwell, who started for the Indianapolis Colts last season.

On the quarterback front, I don’t think anyone will be signed. I think they were brought in more for reconnaissance, in that if anything should happen to either Manning or Carr, they can go and bring one of the quarterbacks in if they remain unsigned. Although the Giants are one of the few teams without a third quarterback on the roster, I’m not sure who they would cut to get that third quarterback on the roster.

The defensive backs is the more interesting part. The Giants can clearly use some help in the secondary. Caldwell could be an interesting pickup. He could be the guy that could step in and move Antrel Rolle down to the slot position in nickel.

I would certainly expect the Giants to make some sort of move before next Sunday’s game. Whether it’s in the secondary or along the offensive line, I think they’ll do something.

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