Seattle Seahawks Predicted to Make the Super Bowl

By Jake Coburn

The Seattle Seahawks had a tough season last year but no one predicted them to improve more this season than ESPN columnist Bill Simmons. Simmons wrote inhis column on Friday that he predicts the Seahawks to go 12-4 and meet the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl.

This is a huge improvement from finishing 7-9 last season and missing the playoffs entirely.

Simmons has been known to make some pretty crazy predictions in his time but could this one be plausible?

The big question mark is at the quarterback position in rookie Russell Wilson. Wilson has shown strong character and that he is up for the challenge of being a starting quarterback in the NFL. Wilson’s success in the starting role could elevate his team to the top of the NFC West and into the playoffs.

Wilson will have some help on the offensive side of the ball with running back Marshawn Lynch as long as he can stay healthy. If Lynch goes down in the season, the run game along with the offense will take a huge dip and more pressure will be put on the young quarterback.

The Seahawks are already in a weak division with only one decent team in the San Francisco 49ers but it seems unlikely they will have the kind of season the Niners had last year.

Another aspect of Seattle’s game that has to be discussed is the secondary they have with leader Earl Thomas. The Seahawks acquired five interceptions in the preseason against quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Carson Palmer. There is no real star at the quarterback position in the NFC West. The secondary will be facing subpar quarterbacks throughout the year giving a talented unit a good chance for takeaways.

Though Simmons might have put Seattle a little farther than most would, if their rookie quarterback can have a positive year, the defense might be able to lead this team deep into the post season.

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