Stevie Johnson vs Darrelle Revis: Position Battle #2

By Scott DelleFave

Stevie Johnson versus Darrelle Revis is by far the most talked about one-on-one battle in this week’s game. Johnson and Revis are talked about so much since they are extremely vocal on and off the field and they are the flagship players on the Buffalo Bills and  New York Jets respectively.

This personal rivalry between the two hit a fever pitch last season in New Jersey during their week 12 game after a Bills touchdown. Stevie celebrated my mocking Jets Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes by doing the plane which is his touchdown dance and former receiver Plaxico Burress by dancing as if he were in a nightclub then acting like he shot himself in the leg.

Besides the celebrations, (which he did got fined for) Johnson did have eight catches on Revis. Which some Bills fans, including me have made comments that Stevie has purchased a summer home on what’s been called “Revis Island”

Here is the tale of the tape between the two guys. With the level these two guys play at, this is one of the most balanced one on one battles in the NFL today.

Stevie Johnson                     Darrelle Revis

Height: 6′ 2″                            Height: 5′ 11″

Weight: 207                          Weight: 198

Years Pro: 5                          Years Pro: 6

All and all this should be an excellent game come Sunday, since it is week one of the regular season. It doesn’t hurt that its the Buffalo Bills at the New York Jets, it’s a very under the radar rivalary since the Patriots is so heated today or the Dolphins in the 80s and 90s.

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