Tennessee Titans Captains Chosen For 2012 NFL Season, QB Jake Locker Included

By Stephanie Umek

What more do you need other than leadership when going into a season opener against the New England Patriots? This afternoon, Mike Munchak, Ruston Webster and the rest of the coaching staff have chosen five Tennessee Titans captains.

Among those five the first is starting quarterback Jake Locker, which for most would be an assumption. You are the starting quarterback; you should be a captain as well. The team is going to be putting on a lot of pressure on him this season, and if he can’t hack it, all of the privileges he has been given will have to be taken away.

Veteran guard Steve Hutchinson joined the Titans during the offseason and because of his ability to lead the offense; he will join Locker as a captain. Munchak said that Hutchinson has ‘set the tone for his position group in the way the 12-year veteran practices and prepares. He is going to be an excellent addition to the offensive line. Hutchinson has been around a long time, he has seen a lot of football and with the youngest team since 2006; the Titans can use all the resources that they can get their hands on.

Also chosen by the coaches were cornerback Jason McCourty and linebacker Colin McCarthy who will captain the defense. McCourty just signed a contract extension through 2017 with the Titans. McCarthy shows a lot of strength at the middle linebacker position. He needs to focus not only on improving his game but teaching the game to players like rookie Zack Brown.

Tim Shaw rounds out the list of captains for the Titans, the linebacker was captain of special teams last year also.

One thing that separated this group from the rest of the players, was obvious to Munchak, as well as it should be to fans and viewers. Take a look on Sunday against the Patriots. Every single on of these players leads by example. They don’t run their mouths; they simply do what they are supposed to do. And that is to play football.

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