Ryan Tannehill Era Set to Kick Off

By Craig Ballard

If you are my age (37 as of September 13) then you surely remember the Dan Marino days for the Miami Dolphins. I could (and one day will) write an article here about why I truly feel Marino was the best QB ever, but for now we turn our focus to the 2012 NFL season, and the debut of the 17th different starting QB in ‘Phins history since Marino retired. Ryan Tannehill debuts in a matter of hours. He wears #17, so coincidence-wise we are off to a good start.

The majority of people did not think Tannehill was the #8 pick in this years draft, but GM Jeff Ireland saw his chance to land a franchise QB to build around, rather than the path of not-so-good QBs they had trotted out there for a decade. If you have a weak stomach, or are squeamish, please look away as we check the laundry list of futility for the ‘Phins QB situation…

(name, then record as a Dolphins starter)

Ray Lucas 2-4

Jay Fiedler 36-23 (Fiedler was never really all that impressive, but his 13 games above .500 is massive for this list)

Sage Rosenfels, John Beck, Trent Green, and Tyler Thigpen are a combined 0-12 (yikes)

Damon Huard 5-1 (not flashy, but a good record for this list)

Joey Harrington 5-6

Brian Griese 3-2 (his dad Bob Griese had 92 wins for Miami)

Cleo Lemon and Dante Culpepper were a combined 2-10

Chad Henne 13-18

Gus Frerotte 9-6 (surprising to see Frerotte with a winning record)

A.J. Feeley and Matt Moore combined 9-11

Chad Pennington 12-8

Add it up…96-101. Now wins and losses can hardily be all the QBs success or fault, but I still wanted to show you these underwhelming records and this list of QB futility since #13 took his Isotoners and retired. The only QB on this entire list with a playoff victory for Miami is Fiedler who won 1 playoff game. Yes, since Marino retired the ‘Phins have a grand total of 1 playoff win (y-i-k-e-s…Marino won 8 playoff games, and won an AFC Title too)

Tannehill is in a rare position. A) He QBs for a fan-base clamoring for a return to relevance from their team, and ready to get behind a QB that can raise their team…B) He is a rookie, but his college head coach (Mike Sherman) is his offensive coordinator in Miami, and the system is the same too (Tannehill estimates he already knew 85% of the playbook on day 1 of Dolphins training camp)…C) he is going to get a longer leash than any of the above mentioned QBs. He has the keys to the franchise at this point…D) Despite being fairly highly touted he QBs a team that starts the season with zero expectations (all power rankings have Miami in the bottom 6, some as low as 2nd worst team in the NFL)

Tannehill begins his career against the Houston Texans. TOUGH task, in fact the ‘Phins are the biggest underdog on the board. His poise has been on display, and he will need that to continue in what could be a long (but hopefully memorable) debut season.

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