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Six Captain Positions Announced for the Buffalo Bills

Captain of teams are often seen as leaders or even coaches on the field and they are ambassadors of the team. Two days ago, the  Buffalo Bills named their six men who will captain the team for the upcoming 2012 NFL season.

The six men named captain are Corey McIntyre, Brian Moorman, George Wilson, Kyle Williams, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Fred Jackson. I will give you my thoughts of each captain individually and something that I think  is what would make them a great captain.

Corey McIntyre: (Pictured above) McIntyre is an excellent lead blocker who spearheads the two headed monster, the running back tandem of Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller. Additionally, he is a special teams ace who has became proficient at killing punt or kick returns. He is a deserving captain, considering he plays such an underrated role for the team.

Brian Moorman: Moorman has been with the Bills since 2001 and is the longest tenured member of the team. Some years, he is considered the best player on the team because of his booming punts and all around athletic abilities. He has been captain every year sine the NFL has implemented the patches, which is an honor in itself and rightfully so.

George Wilson: Wilson is the epitome of an ambassador of the team. This converted wide receiver into safety has been a ball hawk over the last few years. Not to mention off the field, he goes above and beyond the call of duty when an autograph session occurs. I remember when he went through it seemed about ten Sharpies signing for Bills fans young and old. This is the easiest pick for captain on the team.

Kyle Williams: Williams is the anchor of our defense, hands down. He is a blue collar player who brings his lunch pail every single day he plays. When he plays great, so does the rest of the team, and offensive linemen always have to account for where he is. This a no-brainier as well to be a captain pick.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: Fitzpatrick is the Quarterback, and honestly I don’t think that quarterbacks should be captains like how hockey goalies aren’t named captain. They both should get a G patch for General, but that’s only my opinion. I expect a lot out of Fitzpatrick this year–I expect him to lead us to the next level and break the twelve year playoff drought in Western New York.

Fred Jackson: Jackson has been the work horse since he came to Buffalo the hard way, including in 2009 as a starter, when he became the first player in the NFL to have 1000 yards rushing and kick return yards. Without question, he deserves to be named captain for the Buffalo Bills.

That’s all for this one and I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you think a different player should have been named captain, let’s discuss it, either on here by leaving a comment or hitting me up on twitter @TheProfessorSD, don’t be shy and I do reply often. Go Bills!