Bills Game Grades: Week One at New York Jets

By Scott DelleFave

Giving out Grades is what professors do, and since I am one, at least in the sense of my knowledge base of professional football. The grades will be for the Bills only and go from A to F with pluses and minuses just not A+, with the exception if someone breaks a single game record. Some grades might be inflated due to the garbage duty stats in the fourth quarter today.

Buffalo Bills

Quarterback: C-, Ryan Fitzpatrick had an absolute awful start with three interceptions, but rebounded late and settled down in garbage time to finish with three touchdowns as well.

Running Backs: A-, When Fred Jackson went down with a knee ligament sprain early in the game, C.J. Spiller stepped into the role with ease and finished the game with a touchdown, and 169 yards rushing.

Wide Receivers: C, The wide receiver corps looked nonexistent until garbage time when Stevie Johnson and Donald Jones scored touchdowns.

Offensive Line: B+, The offensive line looked solid, Ryan Fitzpatrick didn’t get sacked at all. In addition they were blowing opening holes open for running back

Defensive Line: C-, They didn’t get pass rush at all Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow had extremely clean white jerseys all game long. That being said, they also did a good job against the run.

Linebackers: C-, The linebackers corps didn’t do anything bad, however they didn’t do anything great either. No pass rush, however they did a fair job containing the run.

Defensive Backs: D, The secondary got torched all game, and looked simply out of place on a lot of plays. They will need to improve this against teams that have far better receiver corps.

Special Teams: C+, Brian Moorman, the punter gave up a 68 yard punt return for a touchdown to Jets wide receiver Jeremy Kerley. That being said rookie kickoff specialist John Potter looked good today.

Thanks again for reading, I welcome your thoughts and comments about my Grades. You can hit me up here or on twitter @TheProfessorSD, I hope to hear from all of you soon.

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