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C.J. Spiller: Breakout Superstar?

The Buffalo Bills‘ halfback C.J. Spiller was considered a luxury pick at best when they already had running backs, Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson in 2010.

Spiller was a home run hitting halfback with incredible speed out of Clemson University.  Due to the log jam at halfback ahead of him in Buffalo his rookie year, Spiller had only 74 carries for 283 yards. In 2011, now that he was the second of the 1-2 punch with Fred Jackson, and ultimately took over duties after Jackson went down with a broken leg, and had 561 yards on 107 carries and four touchdowns.

In Weak 1 of the regular season and Jackson got a knee injury early in the game vs the New York Jets after a hit from LaRon Landry. The reports are saying it’s a sprained Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL) to his right knee, however Fred is getting a MRI done tomorrow back in Buffalo. Regardless if it is more severe than what has been reported, Fred Jackson will miss sometime for certain, which means Spiller will become the feature back and will get even more carries then he did today.

With that injury, it might become a blessing in disguise since Spiller had a breakout game with 169 yards on fourteen carries and a touchdown. His touchdown run was for 56 yards, and he also had a 49 yard carry in the game as well, and Spiller looked impressive against a stout run defense in the Jets.  I will leave you with this question to ponder: Could this be how the Bills pass the torch from Jackson to Spiller? If so, I think it would be a fitting way to do it and Jackson could come in on spot duty in the last two years of his contract. Either way, this will be very important to the Bills success going forward.

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