Cleveland Browns Injury Updates: Scott Fujita Out, Trent Richardson To Start

By Joshua Casey

It has been 216 days, 5,195 hours, 311,730 minutes, and 18,703,462, (and counting), seconds since the last time NFL fans around the world have woken up on a Sunday and been able to anticipate an NFL game that actually meant something. But now, after a long, horrid, miserable Summer of having to watch the MLB the NFL is upon us once again. And to be more specific Cleveland Browns football is upon us once again, now I know that may not be too exciting for some, as the Browns aren’t exaclty expected to have a good season, but hey you never know what can happen with such a young team, just look at the 2011-2012 Cincinnati Bengals as an example for that.

Heading into Sunday a hot topic is always who is in, and who is out, so here is an up to the minute injury report for the Browns vs. Philadelphia Eagles week 1 game.

LB Scott Fujita- Inactive- Fujita won his appeal against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Friday but, a leg injury has sidelined him for today’s game.

RB Trent Richardson- Active, Starting-  Richardson’s knee has recovered enough that he will be able to play against the Eagles, and will be starting in the backfield, but the Browns will monitor him throughout the game and limit him.

TE Jordan Cameron- Active- Jordan has been hampered by a groin injury but apparently he will play today.

OL Oniel Cousins- Doubtful- Cousins has been limited in practice with an ankle injury, and although there has not been an official word on his status for the Eagles game, it does not appear he will be active thus leaving the Browns with only one healthy backup OL in Ryan Miller.

OL John Greco- Active- Greco has been hampered by a calf injury but will play today.

DB Eric Hagg- Active, Starting- Hagg has been sick for the past week but is healthy enough to play today, how effective he will be is another question.

LB James-Michael Johnson- Inactive- Johnson’s Oblique injury will sideline him for today’s game against the Eagles.

RB Chris Ogbonnaya- Inactive- Ogbonnaya’s ankle is too much of an ankle to overcome as he will be put for today’s game.

DB Dimitri Patterson- Active- Patterson’s knee has been an issue, but in practice this week, leading up to the game against the Eagles, Patterson has looked great and he is expected to play a huge role today in trying to stop the Eagles explosive offense.

DB Ray Ventrone- Active- Ventrone was an exceptional DB at Villanova and will now be a huge part of the Browns special teams, which could play a big part in today’s game.

TE Benjamin Watson- Active- Watson has missed some time in the preseason with a thigh injury, but NFL networks Albert Breer did speak with him on the field a few minutes ago and he is ready to go.

DB Usama Young- Inactive- Young’s thigh issue is just too much to overcome, he will not play today.


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