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First Half Breakdown-Steelers vs Broncos

I sat all day long, with everyone talking about how they were so glad the opening weekend of the 2012 NFL  to finally be getting started, but for me, it didn’t really start until tonight when the Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos kicked it off. The first half is in the books and here’s what I’ve seen so far in Steelers vs Broncos.

More injuries. Of course it had to happen, but the Steelers suffered another loss as starting right tackle Marcus Gilbert leaves the field with a knee injury. Not sure if he’ll return or not.

Peyton Manning looks sharp. That TD drive was classic Manning. Good reads, quick throws, and very accurate. The Steelers will have to get creative and get in his face, even if it’s not a sack.

Ben is still Ben. He extends plays, makes big throws, but he holds the ball. But if you don’t get to him, he’s going to burn you. Would love to see better red zone play in the second half, but that’s a broken record from the entire last season.

Offensive coordinator Todd Haley is making a huge mistake with rookie Chris Rainey. Haley failed at making Dexter McCluster a running back, and now he’s doing the same with Rainey. Get him out in the pattern where he can make plays.

The Steelers defense has been spotty. I know they are dinged up and lacking some starters, but they are going to have to play better in the second half. Larry Foote is having his entire career in one half of football, but having not heard the names LaMarr Woodley and Troy Polamalu is not a good thing for the Steelers.

The Bronco’s defense has been solid, but if they don’t get heat on Roethlisberger quick, their corners aren’t holding their coverage. Their run defense has been rock solid. Steelers need to come up with something new to attack that font 7.

Overall I’m happy the Steelers are leading 10-7 at the half, but when they get in that locker room they have to find creative ways to run the football, get after Manning, and protect Ben. Last season the secondary and the offensive line were the areas of concern last season, the entire off-season, and it appears this season as well.  Both team’s offenses are loosening up so I expect lots more scoring in the second half.

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