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Jake Locker injury isn’t Something to worry About

When it comes to violence, I have one of the lowest tolerances you could imagine. But somehow, when it comes to sports, seeing guys-or girls for that matter-beat up on each other, just does not bother me. For some reason, I can handle seeing blood and broken bones on the football field.

In today’s game there were two injuries that gave the Tennessee Titans a bit of a scare. This is mainly because injuries at the beginning of the season are known to happen, and sometimes can be to big time players.

The bigger of the two was the Jake Locker injury, a bruised shoulder. But Locker during the second half was itching to get back into the game. He was not told that he needed an MRI, just that he wasn’t going back in for precautionary reasons.

During the second half of today’s game against the New England Patriots, he was walking around on the sidelines switching between shoulder pads and not. But during press conferences after the game, he showed no ice, or shoulder brace. He has full confidence that he will play no problem next Sunday.

A bruised shoulder is nothing to worry about, if it were anything more, they might consider sitting him. It’s too early in the season to jump to conclusions. This is a good way for Locker to prove that he can take hits like the NFL is known to hand out.

The second injury was to defensive captain Colin McCarthy. He rolled his ankle, also during the second half. His injury is not so concerning either. He tweeted tonight to his followers that he will be just fine.

[blackbirdpie url="https://twitter.com/COLINMcCARTHY52/status/244936076966379520"]

With or without these two injuries, the Titans need to stay healthy. They have a great depth chart but it only goes so deep.