New Orleans Saints Lose, Robert Griffin III Dominates

By Krissy Brierre

From the beginning of the game between the New Orleans Saints and the Washington Redskins, it was obvious that there would be no stopping Robert Griffin III.

While the game was really close towards the end, the Redskins pulled out a 40-32 win over the Saints.

In my previous article, I stated the the Saints would march over the Redskins and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Yes, we all make mistakes when reporting sports news. Seriously, who knew that Griffin III would have such a record-breaking first game though?

Most thought the Saints would come out in this game with a lot of emotion and dominate. Honestly, it seems like they may have just underestimated just how good Griffin III is.

Drew Brees had a serious problem with accuracy today, only completing 46% of his passes. He also threw 2 interceptions, but still managed to get 339 yards and three touchdowns. Brees is the only reason the Saints were still in this game towards the end of the 4th quarter.

At the end of it all, the Saints defense was slaughtered by Griffin III. He was able to connect on 19 of 26 passes for 320 yards and two touchdowns. His first touchdown was an 88-yard touchdown pass to Pierre Garcon.

It seemed like with less than 4 minutes in the game that Brees was going to route a miraculous comeback. There was a real chance that the Saints could actually win this game. Then, Brees overthrew a pass over the middle that was picked off by safety DeJon Gomes and set up a Redskins touchdown.

Saints fans everywhere probably had to hang their head in shame. This was a situation that Brees had become familiar with in the past. He had some nice comebacks in prior games, so it’s nothing that he hasn’t seen before. While the Saints tried a Hail Mary on the last play, it was picked off at the goal line.

It’s not like the Bounty suspensions being overturned changed much for the Saints in this game, but something was definitely wrong. This is only week 1, so look for the Saints to make some crucial changes during this weeks practices. It was a lackluster performance from a team that most expect to still make the playoffs.

They’ve got to get more aggressive and plan for their opponent better. While their coaching staff isn’t consistent, Brees is the leader of this team and needs to act as such. It’s time to demand the attention of the players and take control of this team. I’m certain, you won’t see a performance like this from Brees or the New Orleans Saints again.

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