Report: Logan Mankins Played 2011-12 With Torn ACL

By Trisity Miller

It is known that in every sport, players get hurt and most of the times players play with injuries that no one knows about. On ESPN’s pre-game show, Adam Schefter reported that New England Patriots guard Logan Mankins tore his ACL in week one of the 2011-2012 season against the Miami Dolphins.

Mankins went on to play the entire season with that torn ACL. It makes sense seeing as his play declined deeper into the season, but after seeing players such as Kenny Britt, Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry have their entire season gone due to the same injury makes Mankin’s feat spectacular.

Along with playing his entire season with this devastating injury, he announced in the offseason that he had playing in the Super Bowl with torn ligaments in both knees. He later went on to get surgery to take care of the issue.


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