NFL Rumors: Rob Ryan Looking to Become Head Coach

By Jeric Griffin
Rob Ryan smiling Dallas Cowboys

In September of 2011, Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said he’d like to be a head coach in the NFL and that’s his ultimate goal. Exactly a year later, his story hasn’t changed, but Ryan clarified the path he’s seeking on which to get there.

Ryan’s second season in Dallas is already off to a much better start than the first. The Cowboys finished a disappointing 8-8 in 2011 and Ryan’s defense was less than stellar. In fact, the unit put up the worst passing defense numbers in franchise history, including 736 yards in two games to New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. However, that ship appears righted after one game in in 2012. The Cowboys held Manning to just 213 yards in their season-opening win at MetLife Stadium, much to the delight of Ryan, who pumped his fist while loudly expressing his profanity-laced pleasure.

With the high turnover rate for head coaches in the NFL, Ryan should be a hot commodity on the market later this season if the Cowboys’ defense performs this well all year. Ryan says he has unfinished in Dallas before he moves on.

“I want to win a Super Bowl here first,” Ryan said.

Ryan also told the Star-Telegram’s Mac Engel that “he wants to earn the head coaching opportunity, not just be some hot coordinator for a season that lands a gig.”

Hot coordinators “landing gigs” seems to be a growing trend in the NFL, thus the high turnover rate for head coaches. Kudos to Ryan for wanting to earn that job, but it’s a sad thought that Dallas might be looking for a new defensive coordinator relatively soon. That’s not to say the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl this year, or even next year for that matter. However, Ryan isn’t going to turn down a killer job with a good team if it’s offered to him.

If Dallas does happen to win a title in the next couple of years, you can bet Ryan will have teams lined up at his door with offers in-hand. If one of those offers is from a solid organization with a chance to contend within three years, Ryan’s long hair will wave in the wind as he rides off into the Texas sunset. It’s inevitable, Cowboys fans, so enjoy Ryan while he’s still in Dallas.

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