Philadelphia Eagles Offense Must Improve To Beat The Baltimore Ravens

By Carl Conrad
David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

The Philadelphia Eagles are 1-0 after a 17-16 road win against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.  Despite the narrow victory, Philadelphia must be exponentially better on offense to even have a prayer of beating the Baltimore Ravens in Week 2. The Browns are one of the worst teams in the NFL and Philadelphia barely escaped that game with win.

The biggest reason the game was so close was the fact that the offense turned the ball over 5 times, including 4 interceptions by quarterback Michael Vick.  Running back LeSean McCoy also fumbled once, something he had only done 1 time in his previous 321 rushing attempts.  McCoy’s fumble was more of an aberration than the norm, and that can be excused.  Vick’s 4 interceptions, however, must be corrected before heading into the game against the Ravens.

Baltimore has one of the best and most opportunistic defenses in the entire league. Vick likely would have thrown 6 or 7 picks had he been playing the Ravens in Week 1. That is by no means the recipe for championship football. Granted, some of the balls that were intercepted were deflected, but Vick must be smarter with the football for the Eagles to have any chance at making the playoffs.

One thing I never thought I would hear myself say is that the Philadelphia defense actually kept them in the game. If you disregard the interception returned for a touchdown, the Eagles d only surrendered 9 points from the other 4 turnovers. That is essentially the definition of stepping up big. Yes, I know it was against an anemic Browns offense, but the defense played very well, regardless.

It appears as if the Eagles defense is well ahead of the offense at this point, or at least they were against Cleveland. This is the same problem Philadelphia had last year: racking up tons of yards but not converting them to points. If they want to have a chance to beat Baltimore, the offense needs to capitalize on every possible opportunity to get points on the board.


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