David Nelson out for the year with a Torn ACL

By Scott DelleFave
Nelson, David 1
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David Nelson, the Buffalo Bills 6’ 5” possession wide receiver has torn his Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in his knee and he will be out for the remainder of this season. It has been reported and confirmed by league sources and the team a little while ago.

David Nelson had 61 catches last year 658 yards and five touchdowns last season including the game winner versus Oakland week two. With his size, he was an excellent red zone threat where he could pluck balls high out of the air.

This hit hard for a few reasons: The Buffalo Bills are paper thin at best at the wide receiver spot. Also David Nelson is a class act, and he’s one of the true good guys out there in the world, let alone in sports. I hope that David Nelson makes a speedy recovery and comes back determined to better than even what he did last year.

Now that Nelson is out, the Buffalo Bills have a few options: They will have to consider activating wide receiver with track-star speed in third round pick, T.J. Graham. Another option would be activate practice squad member Kamar Aiken or Marcus Easley.  Finally there is a third option for the Bills, sign a free agent such as former Bills wide receiver and Niagara Falls native, Naaman Roosevelt or a wildcard pick bring in 6′ 6″ wide out Plaxico Burress.

While the idea of Plaxico would be outside the box to say the least due to his apparent, he’d certainly bring in size and abilities that smaller wide outs like T.J. and the other ones I mentioned couldn’t bring including getting higher in the air and abilities to punish shorter corner backs.

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