Denver Broncos’ Tickets: Fans Fighting Against Bird Droppings Not Acceptable

Chris Humphreys – US Presswire

Many fans who have bought Denver Broncos tickets at The Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver, and especially those in section 306, have been complaining for quite sometime about birds living above their seats and doing their business on them.

If this is true and the Broncos’ organization hasn’t done anything about it then that is unacceptable and there will be a lawsuit in the future if this continues. Jeff and Allison Harden attended Sunday’s night game in section 306 and were hit by pigeon droppings before the contest even began.

“There were some people messing around behind me and someone grabbed my shirt,” Allison said. “I found out a pigeon had pooped on the back of my shirt.”

I know that I would be pretty upset if I purchased tickets for any price and birds were using the bathroom on me. It would be worse to know that the problem had been going on for years. It would be even worse knowing that I invited guest to seat in my reserved $250 seats and this happened to them.

I do not know the extent of the problem or if the Broncos’ organization is doing all that they can or not, but I know that this is a problem that needs to be fixed or there is going to be bigger issues. I can’t imagine this going on much longer without some kind of lawsuit. This situation has to be a health issue and when one person who has been at a Broncos game gets deathly ill for whatever reason, the Broncos are going to get blamed and someone will sue and likely win.

I mean someone sued McDonald’s after getting burnt by a cup of coffee that is suppose to be hot! They won millions. Just image what someone will win in a claim against a NFL organization that hasn’t done enough to stop birds from wasting on the crowd year after year. That is not suppose to happen!

I hope I do not have to read another article about this is the future. I hope it gets fixed soon.


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