Do We Really Miss NFL Regular Refs?

By Marc Jenkins
NFL Replacement Refs
Tim Fuller-US Presswire

Entering the 2012 NFL season one of the most prevalent questions on the minds of all that follow the National Football League was; would the regular referees be missed? Now that week one of the season has come and gone the answer to that question may still remain unanswered to some however others, such as myself have come to a definitive conclusion.


That definitive conclusion is no, I don’t miss them one bit and I was one of the biggest skeptics of the replacement referees before the season began. Why should we miss them? Especially considering the fact that the replacement officials didn’t do a bad job officiating the full slate of 16 games during the opening week of action.


Aside from the extra timeout given to the Seattle Seahawks in their game versus the Arizona Cardinals, the flags picked up following the obvious block in the back on Randall Cobb‘s punt return for a touchdown during the Green Bay Packers/San Francisco 49ers game and the countless pass interference penalties (29 in week one of 2012 versus 12 in week one of 2011); there really wasn’t much difference in seeing the replacement refs over seeing the action.


After all don’t we all complain about at least three calls from the previous week that the regular refs make usually anyway? Isn’t that the usual protocol? Don’t the refs get bashed by every sports-talk show host, columnist and fan in a bar at the end of the week?


Well if you disagree with any of those questions then be prepared to get accustomed to the replacement referees anyway. The NFL has announced that they have scheduled these officials through week five, now take that into consideration with the fact that the regular referees and the league being seven years and approximately $45 million apart in negotiations fans, followers and journalists alike need to all get used to these “so-called” replacement refs.

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