Ndamukong Suh and Lolo Jones Dating and Other Interesting Celebrity/Sports Couples

By Tina Musial


Lolo Jones snuck in to Ford Field on Sunday. Maybe she didn’t really sneak in as much as it was people weren’t looking for her. Jones was supposedly in attendance as the special guest of Ndamukong Suh, tackle and leader for the Detroit Lions defense.

Jones and Suh are reportedly dating. Are you scratching your head?

The pair had been spotted together as early as the spring, but denied a romance. Jones said they were just friends who happened to be hanging out. Perhaps things have changed?

If she came to Motown to see her guy play, it smells like more than friendship. No comment has been made yet, but once the news spreads one or both might come out and make a comment to the press either denying it again or finally confirming the fact.

Is this match up so strange? Not really. Football players seem to get a lot of high profile chicks. And these two seem to have a background that shows they could be compatible. Both are religious and not afraid to talk about it. Both show passion in their respective sport, Jones with track and field and Suh with football.

Can the two make a high profile relationship last? Only time will tell….IF they even confirm there is a relationship.

Other high profile couples from the world of sports and Hollywood:

Tom Brady is married to supermodel Gidelle Bundchen and they are expecting their second child.

Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears is in a relationship with former The Hills star Kristin Cavallari. They just had their first baby together.

Tony Romo is married to Candice Crawford, beauty queen and sister to actor Chace Crawford. They just had a baby this spring. Before that Romo was dating Jessica Simpson.

Mark Sanchez is dating actress Eva Longoria.

There are probably a lot more relationships going on right now that aren’t getting any publicity.

If you can rack your archives, a few more famous couples might make you scratch your head.

Model and actress Angie Harmon married Jason Sehorn.

Actress Holly Robinson married Rodney Peete.

Both couples are still together and with children.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Lions and San Francisco 49ers game, because you know the camera men will be looking for Jones this weekend!

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