NFL Rumors: Is David Wilson Going to Emerge From Tom Coughlin's Doghouse Against Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

By Christopher Gamble



There are NFL rumors swirling around New York Giants running back David Wilson and whether or not he will see significant playing time on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Wilson was benched after losing a fumble on only his second NFL carry against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1 and did not see another snap on the field.  Tom Coughlin has a notoriously long memory and will keep players in his doghouse until they prove they have changed.

Right now, it appears as if Wilson is firmly entrenched in Coughlin’s doghouse but that doesn’t mean he won’t see the field.  The Giants running game managed only 82 yards last week and the other running backs on the Giants roster, Da’Rel Scott and Andre Brown, have seven carries between them in regular season play.  That means Coughlin might allow Wilson to try and redeem himself rather than risk putting Brown or Scott in a primary backup role.

During the week Coughlin has repeatedly hinted that Wilson will probably resume his role as Ahmad Bradshaw’s backup.  However, don’t expect the leash to be very long.  Wilson will have to prove himself throughout the week in practice and will have to prove to Coughlin that he won’t fumble when and if he hits the field on Sunday.

Wilson might be the most dynamic running back the Giants have had since Tiki Barber.  Giants fans might remember Barber finding himself in then-Head Coach Jim Fassel’s doghouse because of his own fumbling problem.  Barber corrected himself and became the New York Giants’ all-time leading rusher.  There is no reason to think that Wilson wouldn’t be able to correct his own fumbling problem.

Wilson won’t remain in Coughlin’s doghouse for long.  He just has too much talent to stay there.

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