The New York Jets Will Not Be Able To Unload Quarterback Tim Tebow

By Steven Resnick
Tim Tebow New York Jets

There’s a rumor that has come out recently on the New York Jets and it’s that Tim Tebow will ask for a trade if he doesn’t become the starting quarterback before the 2012 season ends. While that certainly is a long time from now he has no chance of overtaking starter Mark Sanchez.

Even if Tebow does request the trade  what teams are there that need a quarterback and would make the trade? One team that comes to mind is the Arizona Cardinals who have John Skelton and Kevin Kolb on the roster though Skelton did suffer an injury before Kolb took over for a game winning touchdown drive.

If the Cardinals do struggle this season to win games there’s a chance for Tyler Wilson or Geno Smith in the draft.

Ryan Fitzpatrick earned a contract extension during the 2011 season from the Buffalo Bills and signed a six-year deal. In order to make a move for Tebow the Bills would need to find a way to dump that contract.

Another possibility is the Oakland Raiders and the issue isn’t the quarterback play it’s the lack of weapons that Carson Palmer has to use at the moment.

Three more teams come to mind the Cleveland Brownsyet even with a losing season there’s a shot of getting the no.1 pick in the draft which opens up the opportunity to draft Matt Barkley. The Jacksonville Jaguars have Blaine Gabbert who has made significant strides and played extremely well in an overtime loss. As for the Miami Dolphins the team drafted Ryan Tannehill who has started just one game in his career, so he’s not going anywhere soon.

The team that comes to mind that has a need at quarterback is the Kansas City Chiefs as Matt Cassel has been up and down and yet there are other reasons why Tebow wouldn’t be sought after. Teams aren’t looking for a quarterback that needs the offense dumbed down, has poor footwork resulting in inaccurate throws and has admitted that playing football is not his no.1 priority.

While Tebow’s did succeed with with the Denver Broncos and earned a playoff win his own coach at the time John Fox said “If we were trying to run a regular offense, he’d be screwed.”

Beyond those issues is the attention that follows him and there aren’t many teams that will appreciate the media questioning every move the organization makes.

As illustrated the teams that have weaknesses at quarterback have made moves to rectify that situation, teams aren’t looking to bring in a distraction or to toss out much of its playbook to accommodate a quarterback which means the Jets will not be able to trade him.


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