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BroncosRants: Denver Broncos Fans Caught in Crappy Situation

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The Denver Broncos  are experiencing a sort of coup, if you will, at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.  Fans in the 306 section have been inconvenienced by the rat of the sky, the pigeon.  The one thing that you can ask yourself if you are one of those fans being crapped on is if the theory holds true that being pooped on is a sign of good luck.

Let me just say this.  It is a health hazard and a major problem for fans that pay very good money to go to the stadium to enjoy the Broncos.  But if it truly is good luck, then just ride the wave.  The Broncos opened last Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers and proved to play a solid game.  Everyone always talks of the twelfth man effect of the crowd and their role in the outcome of games, maybe the Broncos can use this to their advantage.

All they have to do is train the pigeons to only poop on the visiting sideline and distract their opponents.  Now that would be the ultimate home filed advantage!  But for now, maybe the Broncos can market those silly hat umbrellas to fans and make a few bucks.  Unfortunately, short of enlisting hawks and owls to patrol the rafters, the pigeon problem may not go away.

Evidently, the fans have been complaining about this for quite a while, and the team already has a plastic owl that evidently is not scaring away the molesting birds.  During the next seven home games and hopefully a couple home playoff games later in the season, it is something that the fans must endure if they are to be a part of this Broncos resurgence.  I only hope that this crappy situation really is good luck and that means a late run in the playoffs and beyond.


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