Chicago Bears Accepting Mediocrity

By silverfox
Jay Cutler yawning

If anyone out there was looking for a way to lose a football game, all you had to do was watch Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears play the Green Bay Packers last night. The Bears practically wrote a book on losing last night. I’m sure Cutler would be willing to give you his notes if you asked politely. I’d say ask Brandon Marshall, but he would probably just drop it.

I have been watching Bears football for a long time and I have seen it all with these guys. I have seen some quality games played and I have seen some real stinkers. But last night was an absolute abomination of a football game. The worst part was that neither of these teams looked like competitors in a very difficult NFC.

Now last week against the Indianapolis Colts the Bears were firing on all cylinders and seemed to have this whole concept of a competent offense figured out. It seemed like the Bears might actually be an offensive juggernaut that would be making it rain against all NFL foes. But after last night, the Bears’ offense seemed like it always has: terrible.

A lot of people are going to place the blame on Cutler and rightfully so. This guy was running his mouth all weekend and he walked into Lambeau Field and literally just dropped the ball during a huge early season game. If Cutler is aiming for a 4,000-yard season, he better put his big boy pants on for the rest of the year because (are you ready for this?) he threw for a breathtaking 74 yards last night.


And if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, here is another number for you to wrap your head around: 168. That’s how many total offensive yards the Bears had against the Packers. I have seen my nephew’s pee-wee football team rack up more yardage than that in less than ideal weather conditions.

Now don’t get me wrong; this was a team loss all the way. J’Marcus Webb was the exact same left tackle I thought he was. This guy couldn’t block his way out of a paper bag. Webb better start focusing less on his Twitter account more on protecting his quarterback’s blindside. For this guy to be a starting left tackle in the NFL boggles my mind. J-Webb Nation? Please. He will be lucky to have more than 16 followers by the end of the week.

Marshall also dropped a wide open, perfectly thrown touchdown pass. This one really grinds my gears. Marshall was brought in to Chicago for one reason: to make big plays. Doesn’t get much bigger than Thursday Night Football against the Packers son. If Marshall catches that ball it could’ve been the game changer the Bears so desperately needed. I am seriously at a loss for words on this one. It was a big catch that needed to be made. Now we are all left wondering what might have been.

Look, if the Bears want to be a mediocre football team, then be my guest. What’s the point of making the playoffs if everyone knows the Bears can’t hang with the elite in the NFC? It would’ve been one thing if the Bears put up a fight and actually made this a game. If that was the case, then a loss would have been at least a bit respectable. But in reality, the Bears should have just stayed at home. They did not even look competitive. They looked like a team the Minnesota Vikings could easily handle. Most importantly, they lacked confidence.

The Bears now have a long 10 days to soak in this embarrassment. The only silver-lining from this matchup is that they will have a long time to reflect and grow from this before the high powered St. Louis Rams (sarcasm) comes to town. GOOD teams will be able to use a loss of this caliber and the subsequent time off to dig in and turn their fortunes around. However, GREAT teams don’t need a wake-up call. Great teams take care of business when the business needs taking care of.

I think we all know what kind of team the Bears are.

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