Chicago Bears Quarteback Jay Cutler Gets Outed By Charles Woodson, During The Game And After

By Jeff Everette
Jay Cutler vs Green Bay Packers
Jeff Hanisch- US Presswire

After the Green Bay Packers defense finished terrorizing Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler on the field, ball hawk extraordinaire Charles Woodson continued the beat down during an on-field interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols.


Woodson was where he was supposed to be during the game, and Cutler was sure to reward him for his efforts, delivering the cagey veteran his  55th career interception.

This is just the icing on the cake for a defensive unit responsible for knocking Cutler around, quarter after relentless quarter, during the NFL Network‘s season premiere of Thursday Night Football.  To make it even more intriguing, this impressive manhandling comes after the cocky quarterback wished the Packers defensive backs good luck in matching up with his receivers.

Green Bay seemed to have taken exception to the comments, blowing up the Bears offensive line and putting Cutler on the ground 7 times in route to a 23-10 win.

Cutler was seen yelling at his left tackle after one of his many trips to the turf, upset and obviously frustrated, a trait he soon began to show with his “throw it up and pray” passes.  Unfortunately for Bears fans, no one was listening to those prayers, and Cutler completed passes to the Green Bay secondary nearly as often as he did his own receivers, turning the ball over 4 times before the clock hit zeroes.

Woodson obviously cares very little for Cutler’s bruised ego, erasing any doubt of how defensive backs regard Cutler’s ability to handle adversity.  Judging by the history, Woodson knows what he is talking about.  In career games against the Packers, Cutler has thrown over twice as many interceptions as he has touchdowns, easily losing his composure and living up to his “Cry Baby” billing.


Charles Woodson Intercepts Jay Cutler
Jeff Hanisch- US Presswire


Cutler has all of the physical tools to be an elite quarterback, but at this point, the question is whether he has the head for it.  Losing his cool, yelling at his linemen, and throwing the ball recklessly around the field are all signs pointing towards Cutler’s inability to keep his head in the game and truly be part of a team.

In his defense, the guy was absolutely mauled by Clay Mathews III and the rest of the Green Bay defensive front.  A guy can only get the snot knocked out of him so many times before he begins to lose it.  The Packers made sure Cutler reached his limit before the night was through.

Maybe next time Cutler will keep his mouth shut and just play ball.

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