Reaction to the Chicago Bears Loss to Green Bay 23-10


Just because a player wears the uniform of the team that I love doesn’t mean that I am going to like him or defend his actions. Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler embarrassed himself and the whole Bears’ organization last night with his childish and immature behavior. His physical contact with teammate J’Marcus Webb on the sideline borders was disgraceful.

I am not even mentioning Cutler’s play, I am mentioning his total lack of respect. There are times when being a leader requires getting after a teammate, even Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers expressed his frustration towards wide receiver James Jones at one point during the game. However, to actually make physical contact with a teammate that is struggling shows a lack of leadership, respect and frankly reinforces every negative word that has been said about you since arriving in Chicago.

I defended Cutler to anyone that would hear it. Questioning his desire and motivations during the 2011 NFC Championship Game against the Packers was totally wrong. Even his facial expressions really don’t concern me. But his babyish attitude and total lack of respect make me question him as a leader and an elite quarterback.

I’ll be the first to admit that I called Cutler the best quarterback in football in the past, but last night he took huge steps backwards and my opinion of him has changed. I don’t question his talent, but I am starting to question his ability to be a franchise-type quarterback. Sooner or later, this guy has to start acting like a leader and not a spoiled brat. If you think I’m being harsh, look at the personnel and coaching changes that have been made to appease Cutler. It borders on ridiculous.

But if Cutler is going to throw teammates under the bus, how about he takes responsibility for underthrowing receivers and holding onto the football way too long? Again, it wasn’t as if Cutler’s offensive teammates were dominating, but it also falls on him to make better throws considering the Bears abandoned the run way too early against the Packers.

But with Cutler’s newfound ability (and another appeasing move) to audible out of plays, I wonder how many runs he changed into passes? We can even look at his press conference from last Tuesday where he challenged the Packers to play physical with his receivers. Well, he got his wish and how did that turn out? Maybe the Bears should win more than one game against a poor opponent before acting like Kenny Powers at press conferences.

The defense played well yesterday considering the pressure that was put on the unit to keep this game close. That being said, when will Lovie Smith and company stop the seem route to Donald Driver? That play has worked since the organization played in Decatur.

The fake field goal executed by the Packers was one of the best plays I’ve ever seen. Without a shadow of a doubt, it was a great call and you just tip your cap in those moments. Once in a while, you catch a team with something special–so kudos to Packers coach Mike McCarthy for that call.

Obviously this season is a long way from being over and there’s a lot of football left. At the same time, the Bears need a quarterback that acts like, I don’t know, a leader with class. How about a quarterback that holds himself as accountable as his teammates or doesn’t show up his teammates or coaches on national television?

What about a quarterback that commands respect from other teams? And while Cutler has the physical tools, well, you get the rest.

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