Seattle Switched Ball Conspiracy Just Another Dallas Cowboys Excuse

By Jeric Griffin
L.P. Ladouceur Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks

Dallas Cowboys long snapper L.P. Ladouceur is still clinging to the conspiracy that the Seattle Seahawks switched to a “shiny” ball before his team’s attempt at a game-winning field goal in a 2006 NFL playoff game. Read that last part about that game one more time – 2006. Six seasons ago. Get over it.

“Looking back, it was obvious they switched the ball,” Ladouceur said. “Back then, they did that at away games. They had some really shiny footballs. After they did the K ball rule, you weren’t allowed to brush them as much. Now you’re able to brush them a lot better. It was shiny. At the same time, we’re professionals and we’re supposed to put the ball down, snap it right and do all that stuff.”

First of all, this is a load of horse radish. The league introduced that “K ball rule” in 1999 so kickers and punters couldn’t doctor the balls to make them slightly easier to kick. Brand new balls straight from the manufacturer were used on special teams plays from then on to make sure the game was played fairly. After Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo‘s botched snap in that 2006 playoff game, many players began to speak out about the K ball rule. Although no change was made to the rule, the officials don’t enforce it anymore.

Ladouceur and other Cowboys players recall the play in Seattle and say that everything went right – Romo “just dropped it.” Now that is all that should have ever been said about the play. Romo is a very good professional quarterback and that was his first half-year as a starter. Plus, a team’s starting signal-caller isn’t even supposed to hold field goals. However, it happened and it’s over. This is 2012 and the Cowboys have another game to play in Seattle on Sunday.

This is the problem with Dallas in general: crazy, outlandish stories like this one that all boil down to pathetic excuses. Ladouceur is a great long snapper and there’s no doubt that he was asked specifically about that play in 2006 by a reporter simply to provoke controversy. However, the Cowboys have to show mental toughness and just blow off questions like that and say, “That was six years ago. We’re worried about our game this Sunday.” K ball conspiracy? C’mon, man…

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