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Tony Romo will keep Super Bowl out of reach for Cowboys

Tony Romo

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

Year after year, the Dallas Cowboys continue to fall short of expectations. Whether it’s slumping in the playoffs or just missing a wild card spot, America’s team can’t seem to take that next step in pursuit of a Super Bowl appearance.

What’s the reason for these Dallas shortcomings, though? That’s simple: Tony Romo.

The Cowboys’ starting quarterback has proven throughout his eight years in the NFL that he’s capable of being a franchise passer. With 21,141 yards, 152 touchdowns and a career QB rating of 97.3 to his name, there’s no denying that he has skills. It’s even safe to say that he’s a tier or two below elite.

What he isn’t capable of doing is delivering at moments that affect the fate of a season.

Throughout his time in Dallas, Romo has compiled a respectable 48-34 record as their starter. Of those 34 losses, 17 have come in December and January – the months when winning matters the most. When he has managed to get the Cowboys to the playoffs, he’s accumulated a feeble 1-3 record. Two of those losses include a 34-3 shellacking courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings in 2010 and the infamous 2007 botched hold by Romo that blew the opportunity for a game-winning field goal.

It’s safe to say that Romo has had plenty of opportunities to elevate the Cowboys to the next level. The fact remains, though, that he hasn’t been able to capitalize.

Even when the Cowboys went 4-0 during the month of November back in 2011, the majority of their success was attributed to the emergence of then-rookie running back DeMarco Murray. Once Murray was out of the lineup, though, Romo wasn’t able to do enough on his own. He won only one of the Cowboy’s last five games of the season – albeit he spent one of those losses nursing an injury – and watched his team drop out of the playoff race.

Now 32-years old and heading into another season filled with uncertainty for the Cowboys, Romo appears to be on a permanent decline. Many will say that 2012 could be his year to finally overcome his postseason problems – especially after his season-opening win against the rival New York Giants – but it’s more likely that it’ll prove to be another disappointment.

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, the team has begun negotiations with Romo in hopes of extending his contract. He’s currently playing on the six-year, $67.4 million contract that he signed back in 2007, but it appears that Jerry Jones wants to keep him around even longer.

Apparently, Jones doesn’t have any plans of winning a Super Bowl anytime soon. Until Romo is no longer at the helm, the Cowboys will be doomed when the annual do-or-die time rolls around.

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