Guess What Ndamukong Suh Bought the Detroit Lions Defensive Linesman?

By Tina Musial
Brett Davis – US PRESSWIRE


There was a great big surprise waiting in the viewing room at the Detroit Lions practice facility when the defensive linemen walked in this week. On Wednesday morning, they were greeted by brand spanking new, leather recliner chairs. Gone were the old and uncomfortable chairs, soft and comfortable brown leather chairs were in their place.

Who’s idea was it to add the chairs?

According to Cliff Avril, it’s a mystery. A BIG mystery.

There was no indicators that new chairs were being delivered. There were no names on any invoices or delivery instructions. The chairs seemed to just arrive in the night after everyone left the practice field Tuesday.

But if you follow some bread crumbs, you might have a clue as to who could have purchased the chairs as a surprise gift.

See, not every chair is brown in the room. There is one chair that is a familiar shade of red if you are a University of Nebraska Cornhusker fan. Scarlett red. The same red that Ndamukong Suh wore when he played football every weekend wearing the Cornhusker uniform.

But he’s not talking.

No one is admitting to going out and purchasing the chairs. But the linemen are sure enjoying them. Watching tapes has never been more fun.

There is one rule to sitting in the new chairs though. Defensive line coach Kris Kocurek said there is absolutely no sleeping in the chairs. They can be moving, rocking and kicked out, but no one is allowed to nap while film is rolling. Players must be actively watching and taking notes on the tapes.

Will Suh admit to buying the chairs? Probably not. He’s that kind of a guy. One who cares about the new city he is playing for and the teammates he has in Detroit.

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