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Marcell Dareus versus Rodney Hudson: Position Battle #3

Dareus, Marcell 1

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Marcell Dareus, defensive tackle of the Buffalo Bills, had what can only kindly described as having an emotional week; on Monday, he learned that his younger brother had been murdered in Alabama. (My thoughts are for sure with #99 this weekend, as most are regardless of your team if you know about the situation.) In his second year, Marcell has switched from a 3-4 Defensive End to a 4-3 defensive tackle and is looking great at either position.

Kansas City Chiefs center Rodney Hudson is a stout center in only his second year as well (out of Florida State), and the only true knock on him I ever saw was his size. Despite the lack of the bulk, I figure his technique could save him nine times out of ten.

If Marcell can beat Rodney consistently, this will impact the game greatly in two ways: first, Matt Cassel will be flushed out of the pocket and possibly running into the arms of defensive ends Mario Williams or Mark Anderson; second, it could shut down the power running style of Peyton Hillis or force the speed running game of Jammal Charles outside much faster.

However, if Rodney wins this battle, it could be a long day for the defense, as the offense wouldn’t have to worry about an insane pass rush from all places, especially the middle.

This is the tale of the tape between Marcell Dareus and Rodney Hudson:

Marcell Dareus                Rodney Hudson

Age: 22                               Age:  23

Height: 6′ 3″                      Height: 6′ 3″

Weight: 331                      Weight: 299

Years Pro: 2                    Years Pro: 2

Hudson, Rodney 1


I fully expect this to be one of the most physical battles all day. Then again, when a defensive tackle and center lock horns, it’s almost always an extremely violent encounter. I fully expect this game to be a tough, clean game and I hope for no injuries on either side of the ball.


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