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NFL Rumors: Did Jason Garrett Tell Rob Ryan To Quiet Down?


When Rob Ryan was hired by the Dallas Cowboys and Jason Garrett to become their defensive coordinator, he was brash and boastful. He took the job and had no problem telling anyone who would listen just how good the Cowboys defensive players were. Ryan went so far as to brag the team had a top five defensive talent.

We all saw that was not the case at all. The 2011 Cowboys defense started out fine but by the end of the year they were getting beat soundly and finished 14th in the NFL.

It wasn’t all Ryan’s fault, he did not have the personnel to play the physical brand of defense he wanted, nor did he have time to install his system. There was confusion throughout the defense and it showed up every week on the field. But those are excuses and there are no more of those in Dallas.

This off-season, the Cowboys upgraded the talent with Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne and Ryan re-installed the defense in hopes of improving a unit that couldn’t hold up last year.

With all that improvement, what did we hear from Ryan this off-season? Very little and maybe that’s the way Jason Garrett wanted it.

Garrett preaches accountability, toughness and just doing your job, which is what Ryan is doing now. Ryan is doing his job, being the defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys. Garrett doesn’t want the distractions that have nothing to do with the game and Ryan has bought in:

“I’m just trying to do the right thing,” Ryan said. “I don’t think I need to be a distraction for this football team. There is a way the Dallas Cowboys do things, and I think that’s a professional way to do it. I don’t need to be outspoken out there. I’m going to let our players do our talking. It’s time to quit talking and start doing something. That’s what we all buy into as a defense. That’s what I buy into and that’s what we’re all believing in.”

Sounds like Jason Garrett to me. The Cowboys under Garrett have emphasized playing the game more than being in the headlines and aside from Jerry Jones’ mouth, he’s been successful doing that.

It seems to me like Jason Garrett’s message is not only getting through to his players, but his coaches as well.

The Cowboys are letting their play do the talking, how refreshing.

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