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NFL Rumors: Greg Jennings on Trade Block?

Jeff Hanisch – US Presswire just released a video of some talking heads discussing whether or not the Green Bay Packers would trade star wide receiver Greg Jennings this season. While the general consensus was that the Packers wouldn’t do it, it would make some sense.

Jennings, who is currently injured, is in the final year of the three year $26 million extension that he signed in 2009.

Jennings is free to walk after this year; he will likely sign for another team as the Packers are generally not big players in free agency and wouldn’t overpay for a player at their deepest position.

But would they trade one of the faces of the franchise?

I say no for three reasons:

1. The Packers are legitimately title contenders this year. Even if they can get a player or possibly a pick back for Jennings right now, why would they mess up the good chemistry and play that they have currently going on for the future. If you have a chance at the title you go for it. It’s not like any team in the pennant race would shut down their star pitcher because they were worried about his mileage. Whoops, bad example.

2. Football is too complex. In baseball, basketball, and soccer new players can seamlessly adjust to new teams mid-season, but when a football player joins a new team there is a whole playbook and terminology to learn. Mid-season football trades simply don’t happen that often. What team would want half a season of Jennings? More importantly would they be willing to give up enough to make the Packers say yes? Probably not.

3. There is a chance Jennings resigns anyway. Jennings doesn’t seem like a selfish guy. With the way he reacted to winning the Super Bowl, I think he cares much more about winning than he does about money. Jennings would have to sign for something like 70 cents on the dollar of his open market value, but I’m willing to bet that he would be willing to do that.

Jennings may not be a Packer come next year, but for now he’s staying put.

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