Stephon Gilmore versus Dwayne Bowe: Position Battle #2

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Gilmore, Stephon 1
Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

In the second installment of the position battles for week two, it is the mirror of the first one with the Buffalo Bills rookie corner back Stephon Gilmore against Kansas City Chiefs star wideout Dwayne Bowe.

Stephon Gilmore got his growing pains early and often last week versus Stephen Hill and the New York Jets as it seemed like the whole secondary was lost and out of position. I hope that was a one time thing since Dwayne Bowe is extremely better at running routs than Stephen Hill, other wise this might yet be another long day if you are a Bills fan for me.

Last week, Dwayne Bowe had three catches for 53 yards, while the Chiefs looked on par with Atlanta in the first half, they quickly fell apart in the second half; the team looked tired and worn down. While in comparison the Bills tried to fight back and while it was mostly garbage duty and stat padding but they didn’t give up and played as hard as they could.

This is one of my intriguing match-ups of the week as both players have something to prove it seems. In addition, they are both big physical players who will stop at nothing for their individual and team’s success.

The tale of the tape between Stephon Gilmore and Dwayne Bowe:

Stephon Gilmore                                                                        Dwayne Bowe

Age: 21                                                                                           Age:  28

Height: 6′ 0″                                                                                 Height: 6′ 2 1/4″

Weight: 190 lbs.                                                                        Weight: 221

Years Pro: Rookie (2nd straight start)                            Years Pro: 6

Bowe, Dwayne 1

Once again thank you again for reading and I hope for a good clean match up between these two guys with a lot of give and take going on. If you have comments or questions leave one here and I’ll get back to you or hit me up on twitter at @TheProfessorSD!! Let’s see how the games turn out tomorrow.