Stevie Johnson Versus Brandon Flowers: Position Battle #1

Johnson, Stevie 1


The Stevie Johnson versus Brandon Flowers one-on-one position battle in tomorrow’s Kansas City Chiefs at  Buffalo Bills match-up at Ralph Wilson Stadium will be  a subject talked about by the mainstream media in the pre-game shows.  While there is talk about Brandon not playing, I don’t think it’s in Kansas City’s best interest as Jacques Reeves got torched routinely by Atlanta Falcons‘ quarterback Matt Ryan and second year wide receiver Julio Jones last weekend.

This key match-up helped the Bills exploit the chiefs en route to a 41-7 victory at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Stevie had four catches for 66 yards and one touchdown. That being said, Brandon Flowers will not overwhelm you with his size due to being only 5′ 9″ however, he can hit exceptionally hard for his size so a wide receiver has to watch out when he jumps in the air attempting to make a catch.

With both teams fired up from being embarrassed last week, this should provide for an interesting match up that could possibly have playoff implications since the loser will be 0-2 and there hasn’t been a team in a while that started the season with that record while later making the playoffs.

All and all, I have to say it’s advantage Stevie Johnson since at best Brandon Flowers plays hurt and will be slowed and hampered on the field, or he could realistically not play at all, and wait another week despite being cleared to play.

Flowers, Brandon 1

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Here is the tale of the tape between these two guys

Stevie Johnson                                                             Brandon Flowers

Age: 26                                                                             Age: 26

Height:6′ 2″                                                                     Height: 5′ 9″

Weight: 205 lbs.                                                           Weight: 187 lbs.

Years Pro: 5                                                                  Years Pro:  5


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