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This Week in Cincinnati Bengals Tweets – Week 2

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Cincinnati Bengals head coach, Marvin Lewis was gracious enough to lift his team-wide Twitter ban. Let’s celebrate by counting down the five best chirps from Week 2.

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5. C Trevor Robinson (@trobinson78)

Not exactly football related or timely, but points for tinting your Good Will Hunting reference with some irony.

4. LB Thomas Howard (@Mr53)

It’s a shame to see so much intensity go straight to the IR after a devastating knee injury this week. The upside: have you ever seen a more authoritative Twitter handle?


3. CB Dre Kirkpatrick (@DreKirkSWAG)

Get out of my dreams and into my feed, Dre.

2. CB Adam “PacMan” Jones (@REALPACMAN24)


I’ll have all the intensity followed by none of the intensity.

1. WR Marvin Jones (@MarvinJonesJr)

Stop hogging the Gerber’s, Marvin! Crunch, crunch, give; don’t mess up the rotation!

Didn’t see your favorite Bengal on this week’s rundown? Come back next week for a fresh round of Bengal tweets only on RantSportsCincy!

Jonathan Porter is a writer for the Cincinnati Bengals and Follow Jonathan on Twitter @RantSportsCincy.

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