Report: Tom Brady Played With Separated Shoulder Late in 2011 Season

By Trisity Miller
Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

This has become a recent “trend”. There have been more reports speaking on players playing through injuries that most wouldn’t even play with. Last week it was revealed that New England Patriots lineman Logan Mankins played the entire 2011-2012 season with an ACL tear. This time, it’s #12 who played with an injury late in the season.

“Today comes news that, in the Week 16 rematch with the Dolphins, quarterback Tom Brady suffered a slightly separated left (non-throwing) shoulder, according to Albert Breer of NFL Network.”
via Brady played down the stretch in 2011 with separated left shoulder.

Does this come as a surprise? To me it doesn’t. Outside of that brutal ACL injury he suffered in Week 1 of the 2011 NFL season, Brady is one of the league’s toughest quarterbacks.

This news may also give light to some of the “bad” late season play Brady had including his less-than-average game against the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game. And with Brady taking a lot of hits in the Super Bowl against the New York Giants, this may be some of the cause as to why Brady was off on a lot of throws including a pass he overthrew to Wes Welker that would have clinched the Super Bowl for the team.

I won’t use this as an excuse for Brady as he hasn’t. And though it was his non-throwing shoulder it’s still a remarkable feat when thinking of the beatings that quarterbacks take some games.

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