NFL Rumors: Denver Broncos to Run the Football

By Joe Morrone
Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

All the talk heading into the Monday night game between the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons has been about the no huddle offense, and the passing games of both teams. All of that is true and it may turn out that way, but if the Broncos are going to win this game then they must run the football.

Both teams can throw the ball with Peyton Manning for the Broncos and Matt Ryan for the Falcons, but the most important player is Willis McGahee. It’s tough to win a shootout game on the road in the NFL and it’s even tougher when the other team is prepared to play that way. The Broncos and Manning are more than capable of winning a game that way if they have to, but they also know that their best shot is to stay balanced.

The Broncos have a distinct advantage over the Falcons in their ability to run the football and will use that advantage on Monday night. They can still stay in the hurry up offense as they run the ball; they ran it better out of that offense last week anyway. The Broncos want to limit possessions for the Falcons and running the ball with McGahee is the best way to do that. In addition to McGahee, Lance Ball and Knowshon Moreno will have to contribute as well.

The Denver Broncos will probably have to score 30 points to win on Monday night, but that doesn’t mean it will be a pass happy offense. In a perfect world, the Broncos would run about 70 plays and 40 of those will be on the ground. If the Broncos walk out of the Georgia Dome after rushing for 150+ yards, then chances are good that they are also walking out with a win.

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