San Francisco 49ers vs. Detroit Lions: Halftime Thoughts

By Phil
Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

The San Francisco 49ers lead the Detroit Lions 14-6 at the half, in what has turned into a rather conservative first two quarters for both squads.

An explosive Lions aerial attack has turned into a running affair. The Lions ran the ball 16 times with some mixed success, but it seems their game plan is working somewhat.

The Lions understand the 49ers want to make them completely one-dimensional. Having some success on the ground in the first half should help to open their offense in the second half.

Matthew Stafford has attempted 16 passes, completing only seven, with one interception thrown.

After struggling in the first half of week one, Stafford will have to pick his game up if the Lions plan to walk away with a win.

The 49ers defense has shown up, as expected, but the offense has suffered with drops and inconsistent protection after starting hot.

The second-half of this ball game should get better, as both teams look to head into week three up 2-0.

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