Dallas Cowboys Sleepwalk in Seattle

By scottboyter
Marshawn Lynch Seattle Seahawks
Steven Bisig-US Presswire

Just what was that, exactly?

I’ve been a Dallas Cowboys fan since the early 1970s, so I’ve seen it all when it comes to this team. Still, there are times where they can amaze me, and this was one of them.

After looking so great in their 2012 NFL season opener against the New York Giants, they come out and get smoked by a Seattle Seahawks team that, to my knowledge, isn’t drawing any sort of comparisons to the ’85 Bears.

This game didn’t look too promising going in, because when you’re not used to playing in that incredible atmosphere in Seattle, it’s like nothing else you’ve ever experienced in terms of noise. The Cowboys, in recent seasons at least, have had a lot of problems in these kinds of environments. They just don’t react well in places like Seattle, Arizona, etc. It’s just flat-out awkward.

But that’s not why they lost the game, of course. It was disastrous from the jump when Felix Jones fumbled the opening kickoff. Dallas got a little momentum when they held the Seahawks to a field goal, but then proceeded to throw that away by getting their first punt blocked for a touchdown. That immediately sent me outside for what would be an over-abundance of smoke breaks, because this game was nearly unwatchable. Thank God for the NFL Sunday Ticket so I could at least check on my Fantasy Football League games.

Still, though, Dallas had some chances early. But those chances slipped through their hands. Well, I should say slipped through the hands of Jason Witten. Mr. Reliable was anything but, with a stunning four drops – one of which could have been a TD – and it seemed like the game started sliding down the toilet soon afterward.

The defense was even worse, at least in the second half. Down 20-7 they allowed a soul-crushing drive where Marshawn Lynch basically made them look slow and weak. Once he finished off the drive with a TD run, he also finished off the game for all intents and purposes and whatever other cliche’ you want to insert here.

Most people would have probably thought Dallas had a pretty good shot at being 1-1 after two games – albeit in reverse order. I never liked this match-up from the start, and although I didn’t come close to putting this in the win column before the fact, neither I nor anyone else probably saw this coming. It could be worse – they could be 0-2 – but seriously, was this ugly to say the least.

But just like teams need to put the good games behind them as quickly as they can, they need to flush the garbage as well and not look back. Next up is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who could have done Dallas a big favor if they could have closed out the Giants, but they coughed the game up. Once Tony Romo gets a look at how Eli Manning was able to hang a half-a-thousand on the Buccaneer pass defense, will probably need a drool cup. That will be one way to put this piece of trash in the rear view mirror.

The good part is that nobody seemed to get seriously injured, and they finally get to play at home in Week 3. Take care of business and 2-1 will be looking pretty good. Besides, as bad as Cowboy fans are feeling, that’s nothing compared to what’s going through the mind of a New England Patriots fan.

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