Adrian Peterson Comes Back To Earth in Week 2

By Andrew Fisher
Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

With expectations higher than they probably should have been, Adrian Peterson disappointed some in week 2 of the NFL season. The star running back racked up 60 yards on 16 carries and failed to get into the end zone against the Indianapolis Colts Sunday.

While this performance probably left some fans and fantasy owners shaking their heads, I’m not one of them.

Personally I think it’s unfair if fans are down on Peterson. After all, he probably shouldn’t even be playing right now. If he were a normal running back, he wouldn’t be. Clearly he’s not normal, and thus the expectations were there again in week 2.

Did Peterson set the bar too high with his week 1 performance?

I don’t think so. I’m confident he will get back to those numbers sooner than later, but it was just wasn’t in the cards on Sunday. The Indianapolis defensive line did a good job closing any holes the offensive line opened up and limited Peterson to a long of six yards.

In Peterson’s defense, it didn’t really look like he had any big holes to run through. He did what he could, but there  weren’t many opportunities to crank off a long run. Would the Peterson from a season ago have done any better? That’s tough to say.

I will say that I don’t think he looked quite as explosive as week one, and Peterson even admitted that it took him until the middle of the week to recover from last Sunday, so maybe he was a little off.

Regardless, there’s still no way he’s at 100 percent for another few weeks. Peterson calls himself 95 percent, which is debatable, but fans need to be realistic about where he is. Week 1 got everybody’s hopes up, and he looked good but not great in week 2, it’s going to happen.

The road ahead doesn’t get any easier for Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings as the San Francisco 49ers come to town next week.

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