Chicago Bears: A Word Of Advice To D.J. Moore

By alibud69

So the Jay Cutler ‘bumping’ and ‘embarrassing’ J’Marcus Webb scandal rumbles on. Today whilst being questioned by members of the media, Chicago Bears’ corner back D.J Moore was a little too liberal with his answers.

Moore who currently resides fifth on the Bears official depth chart for his position, felt the need to chime in on the whole situation.

“Is it unfair to criticize Jay right now? Shoot, it’s unfair for him to be like that toward J’Marcus,” Moore said on Monday. “In every game in every sport, there’s always somebody who has a tough day. For you to come off on the sideline, once you holler at him it makes it seem like (Webb) is the only reason.”

I agree that Webb wasn’t the sole reason for the epic melt down of the Bears offense against the Green Bay Packers, Roberto Garza had just as bad of a game, he is meant to be the leader of this unit.

The Bears announced today that LG Chris Spencer has lost his starting job in favour of Chilo Rachal, so clearly the coaches feel he was most at blame for the shoddy display.

On top of this OC Mike Tice called a simply terrible game of football. The blueprint for beating the Packers is out there for everyone to see, yet the Bears seemed to think on Thursday night, that they knew better.

However lets give credit were it is due. Cutler didn’t embarrass Webb on Thursday night, Clay Matthews III embarrassed Webb at Lambeau Field, over and over again. If we are going to start a #Jwebbnation pity party, let us at least apportion the credit correctly.

As for Moore, well his comments continued meandering along the same misguided course they started on:

“I don’t feel for Cut. He knows what he was doing. I don’t think you do that. I think if you have a problem with (Webb), maybe do that in the locker room or something. It’s like bad-mouthing someone in the media. It’s just weird.”

I was taught at a young age if you have nothing nice to say, simply don’t say it. The sweet irony of the final comments from Moore actually make me chuckle slightly. In short Moore should never have made these comments.

Which looks worse? Losing your mind in the heat of the moment against your biggest rival? or four days after the event has happened, chiming in on a situation that has nothing to do with you as a person?

Whether he has meant to or not, in my view Moore has acted today in a much more unprofessional manner than Cutler ever did Thursday night. He has called out his franchise QB in public, bad mouthing him in the media. To quote “its just weird”.

This is not the same as ex-players having their say to try and get some air time. The truth of the matter is that in the short term it will ’prove’ what many are already saying about Cutler.

In the long term after the dust has settled, the Bears win again and the whole world is back on the Cutler/Bears bandwagon. Behind the scenes Moore may have done potentially terminal damage to his reputation in the locker room.

So my advice to any young upstart who has had one half way decent NFL season and believes their opinion now matters for something, it doesn’t. Focus on your own game, what you can contribute to the team and leave the ‘clever’ comments to the coaches.

Nothing good ever comes from calling out somebody higher up on the food chain than you.

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