Former New Orleans Saints Assistant Coach Mike Cerullo Outed As The "Whistleblower" In Saints Bounty Scandal

By Alejandro Aviles
Jonathan Vilma
Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

It appears that the “whistleblower” in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal has finally been identified. Former  Saints assistant coach Mike Cerullo is the one who outed the Saints for having an alleged bounty program in New Orleans.

Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell today and Vilma was presented with two affidavits. The two affidavits were statements from former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and the other was from Cerullo.

Cerullo’s affidavit contradicts Williams’s and Vilma originally claimed that Cerullo was the whistleblower. Today it is confirmed that Vilma was right and Cerullo was in fact the one who blew the whistle on the Saints’ bounty scandal.

There is speculation that Cerullo may have acted out of revenge and was trying to sabotage the Saints organization. Cerullo was fired by Joe Vitt in 2010 and it is believed that he had a personal vendetta against Vitt.

This news is huge for the Saints and it is starting to look like Vilma may have been telling the truth the entire time. If this news is any indication I do not think that Goodell can uphold any of the player suspensions.

Cerullo has laid low during the entire bounty scandal but now his name is sure to be all over the place. Now that the whistleblower has been identified a weight has definitely been lifted and the Saints image is also on the mend.

Since Cerullo was acting out of revenge it definitely hurts his credibility and it makes it harder to determine if their was a pay for injury system in New Orleans. This is very intriguing news for the Saints and now that the Cerullo has been identified it clears so many things up.

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