Is Richardson the Cleveland Browns' Savior?

By Ryan Ruiz
Andrew Weber-US Presswire

   Please help me understand this. Two years ago, we traded the pretty boy Brady Quinn to the Denver Broncos for a bruising back named Peyton Hillis. In 2010, Hillis rushes for over a 1,000 yards and becomes the 2012 Madden cover boy. By the way, thank yourself for that one because without the Cleveland Browns fans voting for him, he doesn’t even come close. During the 2011, Hillis becomes a prima donna, misses a charity appearance with the Boys & Girls Club of America, leaves the team to get married, and claims he is injured when really not. Shortly after the 2012 Super Bowl, Hillis signs with the Kansas City Chiefs. Only in Cleveland could those series of unfortunate events actually happen. The rest is history and like my Grandpa used to say, “Good riddens to bad rubbish”.  

   However, the Browns were left with no bell cow running back in a tough physical AFC North division. Moving on to the draft. The buzz was this kid named Trent Richardson from the University of Alabama would be coming out and was quite possibly the best running back to come out of college since Adrian Peterson. Needing a three down back, the Browns moved up one spot to grab him at the number three overall pick. The Browns fans were happy and seemed to have more optimism then ever before. After undergoing a knee scope one month to the day, Richardson, or TRich to fans, starts in week one and gains a measly 39 yards on 19 carries. Recently, Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga was quoted saying ” Trent has done nothing spectacular.” My advice to you Mr. Maualuga and the NFL for that matter, do not write this man off. And Rey, why on earth would you give him bulletin board material? Richardson has played with a chip on his shoulder his entire career. Like the fans of Cleveland, TRich has battled adversity his entire life. Trent Richardson could be the second coming of Jim Brown in Cleveland, as his “I hit you first” style is very similar. Once Richardson establishes himself this season, this revamped west coast offense will take off. When it’s all said and done Trent Richardson could be the hard working, blue collar savior Cleveland has been waiting for. I would say Richardson’s performance in Sunday’s loss to the Bengals is more like it. For now, we are all witnesses.

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