Jacksonville Jaguars GM Gene Smith Should Be on the Hot Seat in 2012

By Joey Farbo
Jacksonville Jaguars Gene Smith

The Jacksonville Jaguars have had a rough 0-2 start to the 2012 season and fans are starting to look at someone to blame for the losing culture that is starting to build around this franchise.

I think you should look no further than general manager Gene Smith.

Smith, who ascended to the general manager’s role prior to the 2009 season after being a scout in the organization, has yet to place a winning product on the field and after Sunday’s embarrassing 27-7 loss to the Houston Texans at home it is starting to become harder to defend the way he has built this team.

It was painfully obvious on Sunday that the Jaguars have a severe talent deficiency and just simply cannot compete with a team the caliber of the Texans.

From the outset, Smith said he wanted to build the Jaguars roster from the inside meaning that he wanted to solidify the line of scrimmage before addressing needs at skill positions. Unfortunately for the Jaguars, the offensive and defensive lines were perhaps the two worst units on the field on Sunday.

The offensive line has been decimated by injuries, but there was a lack of quality depth on the roster that allowed a player who hasn’t played in an NFL game since 2008 start on Sunday at left guard.

The defensive line came into the 2012 season regarded as perhaps the most deep position group on the Jaguars roster, yet again on Sunday they failed to register any pressure on the quarterback and struggled to stop the run.

If Smith’s goal was the start his rebuild from the inside, then four years in he still has this team in rebuilding mode. In this instant satisfaction era of the NFL, Smith just has not done a good enough job to warrant the contract extension he signed last season.

If the Jaguars continue to struggle their way to yet another season, new Jaguars owner Shahid Khan should look into acquiring some new talent at the general managers position.


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