Kansas City Chiefs Loss Causes Big Buffalo Bills Bounceback, Ignites 'Operation Arrowdead'

By Beta311
Kansas City Chiefs Annihilated Buffalo Bills Boycott
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Well, I am at a loss for words. I’m not even sure where to begin, to be honest. What positivity was left after last week’s mess of a game was destroyed in the Kansas City Chiefs‘ latest loss. The offense was terrible, the defense continued to give up big play after big play (highlighted by a huge run by Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick) and the special teams looked horrendous.

Last week against the Atlanta Falcons, there were excuses to be had. The team was faced with having to contend against the  high-flying aerial attack of Matt Ryan and the multiple-headed Falcon receiving core. No one expected the Chiefs to win that game, but fans sure as shootin’ were expecting to win this one.

The Bills are a team that are flat-out worse than the Chiefs. Yet, at the end of the third quarter, the Chiefs still found a way to be down 35-3. Running back C.J. Spiller looked like a monster in their backfield, ending the day with 170 combined yards. The Bills were able to hang 35 on the Chiefs without the services of Fred Jackson.

This is the second straight week the Chiefs have been embarrassed (I’m being nice and not including the preseason), and you know what, I’m going to say it: this Chiefs organization is out of excuses. Things are supposed to be better than ever. The team is supposed to be on their way to a Super Bowl. Instead, we’re now seeing games reminiscent of the Herm Edwards era in Kansas City. This cannot and will not continue.

Up until this point, I haven’t told you anything you don’t already know. You know the Chiefs suck, you know you’re tired of watching this ball club get their heads kicked in week in and week out.So what do we do about it? Well, unfortunately, I think it’s time for massive change.

I believe, and have believed for a while now, that general manager Scott Pioli is on the clock. With him are quarterback Matt Cassel and head coach Romeo Crennel. Now, do I think firing Crennel is fair? Well, not really, because it’s only his first year as head coach.

Here’s the problem, though: if you want to bring in a new general manager (and we DO need a new general manager), that guy is likely going to bring in his own head coach. So, I’m sorry to say that if this happens, I think Crennel is going to be a casualty of change. The team needs organizational overhaul or they’ll never have a competitive product on the field. If the status quo continues, things will not fix themselves. So what does it take to get things changed? This is the hard part because it requires mass cooperation.

I believe owner Clark Hunt is going to be very reluctant to do anything about the Pioli situation. After all, why fire the guy who’s bringing people into the stadiums weekend in and weekend out? As long as the money is there and he’s lining his already fat pockets, Pioli won’t be going anywhere. If you really want change, you have to send a message to the organization. Ladies and gentlemen: It is time for a boycott.

I know what the traditional thought is when stuff like that comes out. “Oh yeah, boycott, that’ll never happen.” Boycotts are never taken seriously. They are some of the biggest empty threats in the world and I guarantee you Hunt is not scared of them.

Well then, why not saddle up, rally masses of people and spread the word that people cannot continue to fund this sad excuse for a team anymore. Actually make Hunt scared that you’ll stop funding this abomination of a product. Don’t buy any more Chiefs gear, no more tickets, absolutely positively nothing. I speak for many when I say that this kind of football has to stop.

I’m not a radical football fan, but only a reaction of this magnitude will cause the Chiefs to take notice. This general manager has not done his due diligence and it’s time for his tenure to come to an end. I will only be going to the Baltimore Ravens game in Arrowhead on Oct. 7. If we are 0-4 going into that game, I will wear a paper sack over my head and boo as loudly as anyone if the Chiefs are annihilated.

As for the rest of the season, they’re not getting any of my money and they shouldn’t be getting any of yours, because when the money stops, so will the mediocrity. I’m tired of being the laughing stock of the NFL. If you are too, join me in this boycott. Join me in what I’m calling “Operation Arrowdead.”

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