NFL Rumors: Are the Chicago Bears Interested In Patriots WR Wes Welker?

By gilgerard

The Chicago Bears got spanked back to reality Thursday night against the hated Green Bay Packers. They didn’t do anything well and their offense was particularly bad. The Bears were coming off an exciting offensive performance against the Indianapolis Colts, and it was supposed to be a new era for the Bears. Well, the offensive line continued to not block, and the wide outs didn’t really do a very good job of getting open all that often, which led to some poor decisions by Jay Cutler. NFL Rumors are now running around that Wes Welker won’t be with the New England Patriots for much longer and the Bears could be interested in a talent like that.

Welker would give the Bears yet another weapon on the outside and I’m not sure teams could afford to blitz as much as they do with all of these guys that could hurt a defense. Adding Welker to a guy like Brandon Marshall–yikes. If they can get Matt Forte healthy, the Bears will be able to call any number at any given time and be able to hurt a defense.

I don’t know if the Bears are interested, but they should be. They should always be looking at making their offense better and Welker is obviously a talented player who would do that. If the line can give Cutler just a little time, Welker and Bennett running underneath with Alshon Jeffrey and Marshall on the outsides could be deadly. It would allow the Bears to run all sorts of unpredictable routes and that’s what it comes down to. They’re still too predictable with what they want to do and continually adding skill positions will make this team better.

This would be a good move for the Bears and I hope it happens.

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