NFL Rumors: Detroit Lions to Work Out Ryan Grant

By Tina Musial

There are two running backs coming to town to work out this week for the Detroit Lions. Over the weekend it was reported that Steve Slaton was headed to Detroit to work out for the team. Now it is being reported that an additional running back is headed to Detroit and potentially try out for a position: Ryan Grant. What does this mean for Detroit’s offense?

There could potentially be a big shakedown coming this week.


Mikel Leshoure is done serving his suspension for drug possession this week. He can be activated back on to the Lions roster, but someone else has to go in order for him to come back. And if the Lions are actively working out TWO more running backs, that could mean a huge shakeup of the offensive players this week if one or both of them happen to look favorable and get signed.

Kevin Smith had a decent game against the San Francisco 49ers with 16 carries for 53 yards.

Joique Bell got six carries and made 14 yards.

Keiland Williams didn’t have any carries.

Stefan Logan didn’t touch the ball either, but he is needed for special teams. He is probably safe if there is a shakeup.

The offense definitely needs to work on their running game. It was ineffective against the 49ers, but then so was Matthew Stafford’s arm and passing. The 49ers just shut down Detroit’s offense and played well. Is a new running back going to be the answer to get the Lions on track to playing solid football again in the future?



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