Resilient St. Louis Rams Top Washington Redskins 31-28 In Week 2

By Anthony Blake
Sam Bradford, Brandon Gibson

Resilience is something that can’t be taught. Whether in life or during the course of a football game, the trait of never giving up and continuing to push on despite difficult circumstances is tough to acquire. That is what makes the St. Louis Rams 31-28 come from behind victory over the Washington Redskins on Sunday all the more impressive.

By now, most are aware of the Rams status as the league’s youngest team. That adds yet another remarkable layer to their win, fighting back over the Redskins even though the odds were against them. Don’t forget Head Coach Jeff Fisher who has to get some serious credit for his team’s ability to hang in there and get the win. He said: “You get caught up in watching the scoreboard and get caught up in negative plays and things, you’ve got no chance to win. So, you don’t watch the scoreboard, you just go play. You make plays and the scoreboard changes.”

Getting a bunch of rookies through third-year players to buy into this philosophy is a tall order, yet Fisher was able to make the young Rams believe and they saw the results. One player there was no need for extra motivation with however was quarterback Sam Bradford who heard all of the critics coming out of the woodwork after Robert Griffin III’s outstanding week one performance. The Rams dealt the chance to draft RG3 to Washington this spring in favor of sticking with their former number one overall choice Bradford for the future.

Bradford threw for his fourth career 300-yard game in leading the Rams to victory. He denied any additional push to beat RG3, but there had to have been some incentive. Bradford said: “I go about it the same each week. I need to play at a high level, play my best to give this team a chance to win and I think I did that today.”

So the Rams are back to level 1-1 in the division and provided the home fans with some reason to believe in the team moving forward. The showings by young players from rookie rusher Daryl Richardson to fourth-year wideout Danny Amendola have to inspire some real confidence in the future for this team to make a real push in the NFC West.

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