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Rex Ryan Just Can’t Handle Tim Tebow

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When you have Tim Tebow on your team, you may not have the greatest quarterback in the world, but you certainly do have a guy who can make dynamic plays and be a game-changer. You just have to know how and when to use him.

It’s apparent that New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan doesn’t.

Tebow is that guy who can pound you a couple of yards from the wildcat formation on third or fourth and short. He’s the guy you want to put in the backfield when you have the jumbo set lined up at the goal line. Most of the time he’s going to get you that yard or two, and many times even more, as evidenced by his 22-yard scamper on his first play from scrimmage yesterday.

So why in the world was Ryan keeping Tebow in on first down, in a formation and play that really didn’t lend itself to Tebow’s skill set, and just letting him hand the ball off? The result was a loss of six yards by Shonn Greene on the play, and then Ryan motions for Mark Sanchez to come in.

Sanchez had to be thinking, “Gee, thanks coach. I’ll just pop on in and clean up a second-and-16 mess to create even more bad press for myself when we fail on another drive.”

Using Tebow to just hand the ball off to Joe McKnight and Greene is like chopping down a tree with a pocket knife when you’ve got an axe strapped to your back. It’s clear that the Jets have yet to develop any sort of cohesive plan or identity on offense.

Here’s something else to consider. Tebow has not thrown a single pass this season. Granted, normally I’d say that’s put in the plus column. But Tebow absolutely lit up this same Pittsburgh Steelers defense the Jets were facing yesterday in last year’s playoffs, throwing for 316 yards and two touchdowns. Perhaps testing them out again might have been in order?

Know what tools you have and when to use them, coach, that’s all I’m saying.

Anyone else have a picture of Ryan trying to boil two pounds of pasta in a frying pan?


Michael Collins is a Rant Sports NFL Network Manager and Atlanta sports columnist. Follow him @GaSportsCraze on Twitter

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