Same Old Story For Dallas Cowboys In Loss To Seattle Seahawks

By Ben Grimaldi

I’m ashamed of myself. It takes a lot for someone to admit that but I am truly ashamed. I let the Dallas Cowboys fool me. I can usually sense when the Cowboys are going to have a meltdown; I can usually feel it coming. I didn’t feel this.  Maybe you were fooled too.

After a big win last week to open the season, in a game where they showed toughness and played physical football, I thought this Cowboys team had turned a corner. From a team who lacked that “it” factor, into a team that could play some of its best football when they needed.

And with one Sunday, during the second week of the season no less, they once again proved things haven’t changed much at all. With one week of bad football, they seem to have undone much of what they worked so hard for in the past eight months.They destroyed all the currency they built up in a win over the New York Giants.

The Seattle Seahawks beat up the Cowboys on Sunday. Mentally and physically dominated them, we all saw that. What I’m not sure any of us saw coming was lazy effort and poor execution. And it started from the first play of the game.

There’s no need to rehash what happened, what I want to know is this; who do we blame? The Cowboys and their fans have made it a habit to blame someone when they lose, someone must be held accountable. Doesn’t Jason Garrett preach accountability?

One week (most of the time) its Tony Romo. The next week its the defenses fault, the next, Rob Ryan. Jason Garrett’s been blamed, so has Jerry Jones and DeMarcus Ware. So has Terence Newman and Bradie James, even the officials. The list can go on and on, so who ya got?

Because I’ve got them all! Every single Cowboys player and coach is to blame. If you have any other answer, you are kidding yourself.

No, Tony Romo wasn’t nearly as sharp as he was against the Giants, but the Cowboys receivers dropped pass after pass. Jason Witten dropped three, and I refuse to accept that he’s just getting healthy again, if you’re playing, you’re accountable.

Tyron Smith, another false start. The entire offensive line was beat up by the Seahawks defensive front seven and despite being able to have some running lanes early, DeMarco Murray couldn’t find a groove due to the lines inablity to open up holes for him.

DeMarcus Ware, where were you? Seattle’s offensive line was dominated last week yet the Cowboys barely put pressure on the rookie quarterback. That was Bruce Carter dropping a big interception that would’ve kept points off the board and Dan Connor missing a block on the punt that was returned for a touchdown.

Felix Jones continues to look completely lost and Dez Bryant dropped passes. And while we’re on the subject of Dez, hey Tony, can you throw a few more passes to the biggest threat in your passing offense? The Detroit Lions make sure they get Calvin Johnson involved in the offense don’t they?

Rob Ryan’s defense was beaten up too. The Seahawks dominated the line of scrimmage and Marshawn Lynch ran for 122 yards and a touchdown on them. The Seahawks put up 20 pts on your defense. And Joe DeCamillis, your special teams added seven point to the total.

Jason Garrett, I haven’t forgotten about you. His football team was not prepared today. Maybe there was too long of a layoff from the Giants win, maybe they were a little rusty and had gotten used to playing on such short notice as they did throughout all preseason and week 1.

Nope, no excuses. You did not do a good job getting of keeping this team humble, hungry and focused. Am I forgetting anyone?

Of course, Jerry Jones. You get some blame for making it seem like the Giants games were the only ones on the schedule. By emphasizing the importance of those games, you make it easy to let up against a team like Seattle.

The Cowboys had 11 days to get ready for a chance to show that this team is different from the rest. The Dallas Cowboys of the past 5 or 6 years have been one tease after another, showing the promise of big things, only to let themselves and the fans down. After beating the Giants in a big game they had the chance to back up that statement win with another one in a hostile place. And what happened was what the kids refer to these days as an “epic fail.”

The loss to the Seahawks almost renders the win against the Giants meaningless, only the fact that it was a division game hold some purpose. Looking at the schedule when it came out I’m guessing most of us had the Cowboys at 1-1, just not the way we thought. Dallas missed a golden opportunity to build on the momentum of a big win.

For now it’s back to the drawing board. Look, it isn’t a catastrophic loss, Seattle is always tough at home and a better team than people want to give them credit for. Its what the loss says about the Cowboys that bothers me the most.

It says it’s the same old Dallas Cowboys. And that needs to change. The good news is there’s another game next week where they can prove themselves all over again, which, of course, could start up the hype train again. Unless they lose and then the train goes off its tracks.

The goal is to ride the train as smooth as possible, which seems impossible on the Cowboys tracks.

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